10 Things To Avoid When Planning A Hen Party

So your best mate has asked you to not only be a bridesmaid (eeek) but to plan her hen do too?! Here’s 10 things to bear in mind when you’re planning the hen do…

  1. Keeping everything a secret.

    Most hens are happy to dedicate one person to plan their hen party, but make sure you ask if there’s anything she definitely does or doesn’t want. Male strippers aren’t for everyone!

  2. Inviting everyone.

    Don’t feel you have to invite every girl the bride-to-be has ever spoken to. She will want to relax and chat to her besties!

  3. Booking on gut instinct.

    You may think you’ve found the best thing ever, but chat to other bridesmaids / friends, and check that it is indeed a good idea, after all you only get one hen party!

  4. Making everyone do everything.

    If you are planning an activity based hen party, make sure there is something for everyone to feel involved with. Some people will be skint, and others may have children to get back to.

  5. Assuming everyone can get there.

    Some people may be fine to drive, others may not want to, or be able to. Look into local transport to get everyone together.

  6. Assuming everyone knows each other.

    You obviously know the hen very well, but you won’t necessarily know all of the guests. Plan some ice-breakers to get you all nattering and having a laugh together. (You could put together some little bags for everyone, to laugh with. insert link here!)

  7. Leaving everything last minute.

    Although we said not to book without checking with the girls, don’t leave it too late to book either! People may need time to save up or plan what they’re going to wear…you’ll need to give people plenty of notice for any fancy dress ideas.

  8. Knowing names and not faces.

    Facebook is a great tool here. Have a cheeky scroll through the bride-to-be’s Facebook and put some names to faces, so that when the party arrives, you will know who you’re talking to. That’s a lot of stress taken away!

  9. Forget the morning after.

    Make sure there is somewhere to get a good fry up the following morning! After all, you’re probably going to need it!

  10. Forget about the bride.

    With all the excitement and fun you have planned, make sure you don’t forget this is the hen’s day, and she should never be without a drink in her hand and a smile on her face.

Now for the important bit, it’s time to plan the actual hen party! Our party experts have put together a great selection of activities in locations all over the country, so have a look and plan the best hen do ever!