Best Things To Include In Hen Party Goody Bags

So you’re planning your best mate’s hen party and you just want to make sure you have a fun, drama-free time?

We suggest putting a little goody bag together for all the girls. But don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s our suggestion of what to include…

1. Chewing gum / mints.

Well, no one wants stinky breath after that pre-nightout garlic bread!

2. Hair bobbles.

Hair sticking to lipgloss, or just swirling around in the wind is not a good luck, so a couple of hair bobbles will make it much easier to handle! You can buy a big multipack, and just divide them up across the bags.

3. Blister plasters.

New heels, or some old reliable flats, we all know at some point a blister will come along. If we can cover it up straight away, some major dance pain is avoided.

4. Bottle of water.

A bottle of water will make sure everyone is hydrated before you hit the cocktails, or will be a life saver in the morning! Your local supermarket, will sell bottled water in bulk, so grab a big box and divide them up. If there’s any left, leave them in the accommodation for those who are really thirsty in the morning!

5. Compact mirror.

Girl just want to have fun, right? Well how can we relax unless we know we look fabulous!

6. Nail file.

Just in case of a broken nail. We all know these things can be very dramatic after a couple of cheeky wines, so a nail file will help dampen the drama! Again, you can buy a big multipack, and just divide them up across the bags.

7. Tissues.

Just incase it all gets a bit too emotional, seeing your BFF actually becoming an adult…we’ve all been in denial for a long time! Your local chemist or supermarket will send multipacks of little tissue packs, buying them like this will save the pennies!

8. A momento.

This doesn’t have to be something flashy, just a little bracelet or wine glass with the date / location on it. Have a shop around for bulk deals. We love etsy for this type of thing. Alternatively, check out pinterest for some DIY momentos.

9. Truth or dare card.

This will really get everyone talking and laughing together, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You could print them off at home. Have a truth on one side and a dare on the other, each lady gets to chose which to do. If you know the guests well enough, you can plan these well to get great reactions.

10. Willy straws!

Well, come on ladies, let’s be honest! It isn’t a hen party without something willy shaped!

Now you’ve got the goody bag sorted, it’s time to plan the actual party! Our party experts have put together great selection on activities in locations all over the country, so have a look and plan your girl the best party ever!


Image courtesy of Pressmaster via shutterstock.