The best Hen do for your Horse-loving Hen


Gallop away with a Grand National 2016 Hen Party this Spring

Get your lucky knickers out, because at Hen Parties, we’ve started taking bookings for Aintree 2016 which includes a girly night out on the tiles in Liverpool.

The annual event held on 8th – 9th April at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool promises another year of competition, entertainment and outrageous outfits.

And if your bride-to-be is a real pony lover, get an extra serving of horsiness with these nag-related games that guarantee laughs on the trot.

Now you can’t kick off your horse-themed weekend without your own horse name. Take to Google and search for a horse name generator that uses your initials to create your horsey alter-ego. We found this one but weren’t too taken with our horse name at Hen Parties – The Oversized Buffoon!

Horse Shoes

Horse shoes is a traditional game of accuracy in which you throw horse shoes around a stake in the ground from a 40-foot distance to try to get a ringer, which is when the horse shoe completely surrounds the stake. You can pick up indoor versions of the game, but household items could work too. Bendy curlers round a loo roll holder? Hm, you might not want to use your curlers afterwards..

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Another national favourite we all know and love. All you need is a picture of a mule, some bluetack, a makeshift tail and a blindfold. Opt for a picture of a stallion rather than an ass and stick a photo of the bride’s husband-to-be on the horse’s head for some extra giggles. Or keep it as an ass, but we won’t be held responsible for any offence caused!


Keep the blindfold out for a version of the baby-shower favourite cotton wool game, but with hay. Fill two mixing bowls with household hay (available at all good pet stores) and equipped two players with a fork each. Blindfold them and let the fun begin as they try to transfer their virtually weightless hay into each other bowls using the fork. Whoever has the least hay in their bowl at the end of a minute, wins!

Jockey matchmaker

What’s a hen party without some hot men, and the men of the hour – jockeys, of course. No, we’re not encouraging you to book a jockey stripper, although we do want to know if they exist?! We were just going to suggest printing off a variety of photos of jockeys and matching them to your bridal comrades based on what you know of their ideal men. The pics also double up as a game of Snog, Marry, Avoid with a twist.

Horse music quiz

Test your fellow bridesmaids; knowledge with a pop quiz. The Horse Channel has compiled a list of horse-related songs – there’s more than you think! Add them to your playlist and get your BMs to write down the artists and song titles. You could also do a similar quiz with famous horses from films, but we couldn’t think of that many… does donkey from Shrek count?

Place your bets

Finally, get in the risky spirit with some bet-related games. Play with casino chips or real money and get your girls to place bets on topical questions i.e Which bridesmaid will be wearing the highest heels tonight? Which bridesmaid will get the most drunk tonight? Which bridesmaid will not be returning to their own room tonight…?

Again, we will not be held responsible for any offence caused during the playing of these games! Have fun!

Give us a call on 01253 858993 to enquire about our Hen Party Bookings for the Grand National or check out all our hen party activities in Liverpool.