Manchester Restaurant Blasts Hen Party Over Bad Review

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A restaurant has become at the centre of a media storm by labelling a hen party ‘chav cheap trash’ after the group left a bad review on Facebook.

‘47 King Street West’ in Manchester launched a scathing attack on a bride-to-be’s social network account when she left a one-star review and vented her disappointment at how staff treated her friends and family at the upmarket restaurant.

Instead of apologising as one would normally expect, an employee at the establishment responded with a vicious tirade calling the group “the worst, most vile people to ever grace our restaurant” before adding “we pity the groom.”

The review, seen below, complained that her hen party was split up between two tables, that fresh starters weren’t available for those that had arrived late, and that the manager had a “terrible attitude”.

Although they had enjoyed the food, Melissa Grogan-Morgan and her party of 17 were left unhappy with the level of customer service they’d received, despite them spending £600 at the venue.

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When she posted the review online, the eatery gave a scathing reply saying that they had arrived over an hour late and had booked for 10 but then turned up with 20. They then called the hen party “peasants”, the “bottom of the barrel” and said that they “wouldn’t know fine dining if it slapped them in their ugly faces.”

Since the news has gone viral, the restaurant has deleted its social media pages.

But this isn’t the first time 47 King Street has got caught in a social media snowstorm. The manager once told a customer who left a 3 star review on Trip Advisor complaining about the “dreadful dry turkey” that “Next year maybe it is a good idea to enjoy your christmas dinner at KFC…”

Director of the restaurant Howard Hymanson told The Telegraph: “The entire incident is regrettable and it has been both investigated and dealt with internally. We have no further comments.”

Have you ever left a bad review online when your hen party wasn’t given the customer service you deserved?

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