The Ultimate Hen Party: Party Bus Baby!

More and more hens are booking party buses for a fun cruise around town!

Drinks ✓
Banging tunes ✓
Free transportation ✓

What more could you want!

Party buses are the best way to travel, especially if you hate walking from bar to bar in ridiculously high heels.

They are perfect to get the night started in style and they are a fab way for you and your girls to make a grand entrance.

But before you hop on board our Hen Party Bus, here’s our Top Tips to getting the most from the experience:

1.Prepare to tip

Find out beforehand if you need to tip the driver. He/she has after all driven you round all evening and been at your beck and call.

2. How many aboard?

Exactly how many people can fit on the party bus? You don’t want to be left on the pavement, so make sure there’s definitely enough room for everyone coming. It might be best to have a few spares just in case someone decides to come at the eleventh hour.

3. Food for thought

The advantage of hiring a party bus for a hen party is that you can start the party before you arrive at the main destination. Some hens may want to use the opportunity to have a few nibbles on the way. Find out if you’re allowed to bring your own food and drinks.

Make sure you clean up your mess though, no-one likes a litterer!

4. What is your music cup of tea?

Everyone has their own favourite style of music. Whether it’s Dance Pop, R&B or a bit of rock, ask the party bus provider what kind of music will be played. You may even be able to bring your own music on your iPod.

5. From A-B

What’s the route of the journey? Here at our tour includes a stop at 5 great venues. Do you want to specifically stop somewhere? If you do, you’ll need to make a reservation beforehand.

6. Remember, it’s a moving vehicle

Many of our party buses come complete with pretty disco balls, dance poles and other fun and fabulous amenities.

When you’re throwing yourself around the pole, remember the vehicle will be moving and it may stop at any given moment.

7. Play games!

Thinking of some games to do on the bus trip? Here are 10 activities to keep everyone entertained…

I spy with my little eye. You probably played this when you were a little kid with your parents but it’s super fun! Think beer and eye candy…

Banned words. Start off with a list of banned words, common ones are best to catch people out more. Be creative with the punishment.

I have never. Easy enough- a classic drinking game that will get people taking shots and everyone getting to know each other better. Probably too well.

Sing Off Bus Karaoke. Divide the bus into teams and have a sing-off. Get the driver to announce the winner!

Charades. This is an all time favourite, the more drunk you get the harder it will be to guess.

Pin the Male on the Model. Blindfold someone, spin them around and point them in the direction of the ‘naked model’. With the bus moving, you’ll have to get your balance right. Guess what’s used for the tail?

Here are our most Popular Party Bus Packages:

So if you’re renting a party bus for your hen do, bear these tips in mind. They will keep your night from turning into a nightmare!